Elmo is your AI companion to create summaries and insights

Install from Chrome Web Store
Free / No Account Required / Supports Multiple Languages
Work seamlessly across HTML, Youtube, PDF, and Google Docs.
Bullet Point:
Summaries and Bullet Points
Condense website content into concise summaries and bullet points.

Who has developed Elmo AI chrome extension ?

The Elmo AI chrome extension was developed by an Established Publisher called Lepton AI.

Keep the Questions Coming
Pose your questions and get instant answers right from the webpage.
Explore In-Depth Keyword Insights
Retrieve related web information and dive into the keywords.
Blazing Fast
Elmo is powered by Lepton AI 's blazing fast LLM APIs



Google Doc

Versatile Format Compatibility
Summarize content seamlessly across HTML, PDF, and Google Docs.
Interactive YouTube Conversations
Engage with YouTube videos as though you're having a direct conversation.
Elmo is powered by Lepton AI's blazing fast LLM APIs